Musical Memory Spark-Jimi Hendrix

I read on Twitter  that it was on this day in 1967 that Jimi Hendrix began recording “Purple Haze’ in London.

Boy, that gave me a “Musical Memory Spark.”

Have you had one of those?  A “Musical Memory Spark” as I like to call it, happens when you are reading about an artist or hearing a song you haven’t heard in a long time and suddenly you’re transported back to that moment when you FIRST heard it..or it really started to resonate with you.

A good memory hopefully…sparked by music.  Another example-last week I heard the news that Gerry Rafferty had died, and I was transported back to those days cranking out the “Baker Street” 45 on my old K-mart turntable.

Hence-“Musical Memory Spark” I really should trademark that.

The first time I really heard Jimi Hendrix and connected with his music was at a retreat for catechism class. As a recovering catholic-I went through the whole rigmarole of confirmation, I think it was 6th or 7th grade.

Anyways, I’m out in the boonies somewhere for this weekend of catholic teachings.  But I got an education of another sort, a musical awaking if you will…. something that has never left me.  The memory of a good jam and the first time I heard it.  I can smell the campfire, hear the bugs buzzing, and feel the rusting swing chains gripped tightly in my hands.

I had snuck out with some kid for a smoke, started swinging on the swings and someone brought out their jam box loaded with Jimi.  (And Rainbow too, I went through a whole Ritchie Blackmore phase for a while, that’s another tale)

Jimi Hendrix just blew my mind.  I hadn’t heard him much before that.  I knew who he was, and as a Prince fan, I knew that his “Purpleness” got some of his vibe from Jimi.   I could see why, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I live in his hometown now and I often flashback to that fateful night when there’s a blurb on the news somewhere about him.

I just realized my mother would not be happy if she found out THAT’s all I got out of the church retreat, ha ha.

Thanks to History By Day, who I follow on Twitter @historyday for the seed for today’s post.  Sometimes, that’s all it takes, you just have to take the time to make it grow. 🙂

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