Song in My Head: “End of the Party”

There was a meme going around recently asking “what are your fave albums that you will never get rid of?”

Or something stated more  eloquently.  Those types of questions stress out my musical heart a bit.  How can I pick just a handful?  Although that is a whole other interesting discussion, who really buys and listens to entire albums anymore?

But at any rate, if I have to choose- The English Beat  Special Beat Service  album has got to be one of my ALL-TIME faves then and now.  I still have the actual vinyl,  just don’t have the turntable.

So many classics make-up this disc including “I Confess” and “Save it for Later”  But today, for some reason, this is in my head.

“She said to leave it ’til the end of the party, do it now you know there’s never a next time”

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