We interupt New Music Tues-For New Music Fri

This happened over the summer.  In July. It took me a few weeks to notice it because I was busy being in the summer.

In 1989, the recording industry settled on Tuesday as the day every retailer could start selling new releases at the same time — but that was just in the U.S.   Albums came out on Mondays in the U.K. and Canada, Fridays in Australia and Germany. Recently, the industry decided it needed a global standard. And just like that, the change was made.  Not sure if this really affects anyone else but a few stodgy old radio people.

And in fairness, the change threw me off a bit for a second. Like I should have been notified? Hubris indeed.

One of my favorite places for new music? Spotify.  More on the magic of streaming coming up later.