When opposites combine: R Kelly & Phoneix “Trying to be Cool”

I love it when artists that are sort of polar opposites combine. It’s like Stevie Wonder says (and I quote this alot) “Music is universal, in a language we all understand” It doesn’t matter what genre you are tops in, playing nice with other kids in the playground can only expand your repertoire and your experience.

Phoneix is one of those bands that some people think are fairly new, but the truth is they have been around awhile. They first came into my heart via the hipster cool flick “Lost in Translation,” soundtrack that featured some of Phoenix’s music. It was 2003 and “Too Young” was THE song for me that year.

Once upon a time in another life I worked for Premiere Radio Networks in NYC., and by some sheer accident had an office for a short time. Of course, when the head honchos on the other coast came to visit and realized the error, it was out to  the cubes.

At any rate, I have fond memories of rising up from the subway and then rising higher to the 19th floor right across from the “Lion King” theater in Times Square and walking to my office (which had a poster of “Snatch” up on the wall. A movie that at the time was 3 years old and I still have not watched.) But it was in that office I would just JAM to Phoenix.

And R Kelly? Well, not the biggest fan, but I do respect him as an artist. And I like what he’s done here with the boys from Paris.

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