With death comes life

A great old friend of mine, (and by old, I mean I’ve known her a long time)  e-mailed me  the news that Gerry Rafferty died.

And though perhaps he’s not a household name as much anymore,  it got me thinking, about life and death and how it’s all too short.r.

Gerry Rafferty was a musician back in the olden days of albums, 45’s and AM radio that played music.

The single “Baker Street” was one of the first 45’s this little girl had. And I listened to it over and over again.

I was looking for my copy of the 45, to post a picture of it, but it is either somewhere else, or I pitched it during an “I’m so cool and punk” phase, in which I threw out a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t have.

It turns out, “Baker Street” isn’t as square as I thought it was. MTV says “Baker Street” “features one of the most legendary saxophone solos in music history and has since been covered by everyone from Waylon Jennings to the Foo Fighters.”


R.I.P Mr. Rafferty


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