Down The Christmas Internet Rabbit Hole

With Sugar Plums Doin’ that dance thang

SNL & Ugly Sweaters

SNL & Ugly Sweaters

One early morning, I couldn’t sleep per usual and started trolling Hulu for something to doze to.

I stumbled upon the recent SNL Christmas Special, full of vintage and new classic clips. SNL has a snarly reverence regarding Christmas that I currently embrace.

Fast forwarding through the show I had a bit in my head and I found it, a silly little ditty from 2000-“I Wish It Was Christmas”

The AV Club published a post about the evolution of this song/ bit, that was most likely thrown together to fill time and sprinkle holiday glee.

It became a classic without trying too hard, I’m talking to you Lonely Island.

I was looking for a clip to post to my social channels but discovered there are multiple versions of this song sporting various sweaters, outfits, and contributors.

And Down The Rabbit Hole I Went. Christmas Style.

Soooo many different sweaters

A New Year A New Ugly Sweater

Sometimes You Feel Pastel

Sometimes You Feel Pastel


And then I discovered a recording by Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, with a version deemed pretty cool by kids waay cooler than me.

And though I ended up running late for the rat race, the trip down the Rabbit Hole was worth it.








Recovering DJ’s Holiday Mix Tape of Yore (2008)

The following is an old post from my Blogger days around 2008.  Life was different then and this list has changed since (2016)  But enjoy! 

As I’ve previously mentioned,I’m a Christmas music lover. Toss together some Pop with a little bit of Rock and Jazz and you’ve mixed a melange of melodic goodness. It’s a sickness, but isn’t admitting that the first step towards Recovering? ☺

With so many holiday themed events comin’ down the chimney lo’ these next few weeks I bet you’re seekin’ ideas to keep the sassy Santa spirit a flowin’. Here’s a good start, in order of how many times they’ve played according to my iTunes: an objective way put together a countdown.

Top 15
By order of iTunes play count (2008)

1-“Last Christmas” -Wham!
So so 80’s I know, it just makes me ache with nostalgia. And FYI, I’m not the only one who loves it… so **mleh** (I believe that’s the sound of sticking out your tongue?) Say it aloud and see.

**Just discovered this has been covered by someone named Taylor Swift *Gasp**

2-“White Christmas”-Otis Redding
This version is from the “Love Actually” soundtrack- a new classic holiday movie in our household. It’s a little sad and soulful, but the warmth of Otis’s voice wraps around you like a musical muffler.

3-“A Charlie Brown Christmas”– Vince Guaraldi Trio
I couldn’t decide between, “O Tannenbaum”, “Christmas Time Is Here”, “Skating “ or “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” so I just threw in the whole thing.

An interesting story about the “Charlie Brown Special”, tee hee.

4-“All I Want For Christmas Is You”-Olivia Olson
From “Love Actually” as well, you could use the Maria Carey version in a pinch though.

5-“Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Live)”-Bruce Springsteen
” He’s flyin’ over Michigan…down the Jersey Turnpike..” Whoop Whoop!

6-“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”-Barenaked Ladies & Sarah McLachlan
Two of my faves rockin’ the Xmas tree Canadian style

7-“The Little Drummer Boy”-Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
From a Very Special Christmas, a great series of contemporary Christmas music. Not really my fave song in the world, but have to add Rockin’ Robert when you can.

8-“The Christmas Song”-Luther Vandross
I like other versions of this song, but love the late GREAT Luther!

9-“Wonderful Christmastime”-Paul McCartney
Happy Paul, before Linda died and that other psycho wife came a’ callin’.

10-“Same Old Lang Syne”-Dan Fogelberg
“We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now”…that “Rob Lowe on Saxophone” sound from “St. Elmo’s Fire”…C’mon this is quintessential 80’s people. I immediately bought this last year when he died. Along with that, and the older I get, “Same Old Lang Syne” gets a little more bittersweet with each passing year.

11-“Bells Will be Ringing” – The Eagles
Really, just keeping the 80’s alive…

12-“Winter Wonderland”– Harry Connick, Jr.
From the “When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack” which is another one of those “Christmissy” movies that isn’t really billed as such.

13-“Happy Christmas (War is Over)”-John Lennon
Oh John…What if…!!??

14-“Run Rudolph Run”– Keith Richards
A new fave from last year, the Bryan Adams version was previously on the Recovering DJ Holiday Mix. Brits usually trump Canadians. Plus, if you buy on iTunes, it comes with a bonus rocker “Pressure Drop”

15-“Father Christmas”– The Kinks
This is upbeat and “it’s easy to dance to Dick, I’ll give it a 95” This always reminds me how much I forget I love Ray Davies.

Glancing over this list, I see I’ll have to add some more subjective favorites soon.