Down The Christmas Internet Rabbit Hole

With Sugar Plums Doin’ that dance thang

SNL & Ugly Sweaters

SNL & Ugly Sweaters

One early morning, I couldn’t sleep per usual and started trolling Hulu for something to doze to.

I stumbled upon the recent SNL Christmas Special, full of vintage and new classic clips. SNL has a snarly reverence regarding Christmas that I currently embrace.

Fast forwarding through the show I had a bit in my head and I found it, a silly little ditty from 2000-“I Wish It Was Christmas”

The AV Club published a post about the evolution of this song/ bit, that was most likely thrown together to fill time and sprinkle holiday glee.

It became a classic without trying too hard, I’m talking to you Lonely Island.

I was looking for a clip to post to my social channels but discovered there are multiple versions of this song sporting various sweaters, outfits, and contributors.

And Down The Rabbit Hole I Went. Christmas Style.

Soooo many different sweaters

A New Year A New Ugly Sweater

Sometimes You Feel Pastel

Sometimes You Feel Pastel


And then I discovered a recording by Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, with a version deemed pretty cool by kids waay cooler than me.

And though I ended up running late for the rat race, the trip down the Rabbit Hole was worth it.








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